WBW vis-a-vis RNR

William B. Williams is pictured above in a late 50’s  newspaper ad.  His opinions about rock ‘n’ roll  were evidently expressed in a more courtly manner during a TV appearance in 1963, according to listeners who wrote to him after the show.  Those listener comments were included in one of   WNEW’s  column-like promotional ads, What’sNEW, (see below) placed in New York’s major dailies in 1963 /64. This is the  5th edition we’ve reconstructed from original clips collected by Bill Diehl. 

Footnote: From the mid 1960’s to the early 80’s, WNEW tried to acknowledge top pop music  to no one’s satisfaction. The station’s return in the early 80’s to the style of programming that had long sustained it, was undone by a  succession of owners whose  starvation budgets and programming bludegons rendered the WNEW of times past unrecognizable and without immediate value except for one more sale.   E.B.WBW RNR