Ray Rice

Ray Rice
Ray Rice

Ray Rice joined WNEW Radio News on July 1, 1967 and left in June of 1975 to join NBC’s News and Information Service. One year later Ray retired to a farm in Indiana but 4 years later returned to the media as anchor and reporter for WISH-TV in Indianapolis.

When he retired in 2002 he wrote a book for the (not-for-profit) Indiana Historical Society. Fifty human-interest stories were published as “Indiana’s Own” (Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon.com).In semi-retirement Rice operates an Internet Development Business and is an Aviation Business Consultant.

Ray is a licensed private pilot, a member of the Civil Air Patrol and lives in Indianapolis with his wife Teresa.

Some of my lighter WNEW Memories

News Director Jack Pluntze asking as he hired me: “Are you sure you want to work in New York? This is a ruthless market.” Six months later Pluntze got fired. In the following 8 years there were half a dozen news directors.

Andy Fisher doing his impression of an Ampex salesman, Paul Lockwood typing with one finger faster than anyone using nine.

They were all great guys to work with … Bruce Charles, Mike Eisgrau, Jim Gash, Bill Diehl, Stan Martin, Rudy Ruderman, Al Wasser, Chris Glenn, Mike Stein, Ed Brown, Alan Walden, Jim Donnely, Chip Cippola, Marty Glickman, Willie B., Gene Klavan, Julie LaRosa, Ted Brown, Dick Sheppard, Jim Lowe.

Each name brings a fresh memory of the days when really great radio was, in the melodic words of that long ago jingle,

 Double Euuuuu Ehn Ee Double Euuuuu.

Eleven Three Oh in New Yoorrrrrrrrrrrk.

Copter Pilot Ray at the controls back home in Indiana

The World's Greatest Radio Station