19 Years and Counting

19 Years And Counting

A note from Bob Gibson

Yes, it’s been 19 years (Dec. 11, 1992) since the legendary WNEW 11-3-0 in New York went dark. For those who were with the station then or alums, such as myself, it’s difficult to forget that day particularly since the New York City area was being raked  by a Nor’easter and the color outside pretty much reflected the mood of most ‘NEW listeners.  Here was a station with outstanding jingles, funny and insightful air personalities, and a first-rate news team.  It had existed for fifty-eight years, but the decision had been made to sell the operation.  Less than a month later, Bloomberg Radio was on the air at a dial position that for so very long played what could best be described as the classic American songbook of music!

(Editor’s note) WNEW was purchased by Bloomberg L.P. for $13.5. After the final broadcast on December 11, 1992, WNEW simulcast with WQEW until January 4, 1993, when the new Bloomberg business news programing began with the call letters WBBR.

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