2 thoughts on “Hello World . . .”

  1. For some of us, that memory, engraved for all time, is, “I’m Edward Brown, WNEW News, on a Million Dollar Weekend… with Jonathan Schwartz,” followed by that still unknown introduction.

    I thought you were at WNEW forever, but that must be because those ten years for you brought me from being a 10-year old in the suburbs to early college years in Hartford, where I was already planning to make friends at 655 Third Avenue and move there after I had made my mark. I waited too long.

    I’m not sure of your relationship with JS but that doesn’t matter.
    You brought me to news and he brought me to Sinatra. For that, thank you.

  2. I will never forget my first day working in the WNEW Newsroom. I was nervous about doing a good job and probably a bit confused (OK: a lot confused). Mike Stein asked me to deliver something to someone and I raced out of the Newsroom door and just, by a hairsbreadth, missed crashing right into William B. Williams, who was dressed in an impeccable light tan suit and carrying a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. His first, and probably only, words to me: “Watch it, lady!”

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