All these entertaining personalities . . .all the best popular music . . .all the up-to-the-minute news . . .in fact everything that makes WNEW New York’s favorite radio station–now on FM too–at 102.7 mc. Now it’s WNEW AM &: FM bringing you the wonderful sound of “Music Round The Clock” . . .the complete coverage of “News Around The Clocks” . . .weather . . .time . . .traffic reports–enjoyable listening, worthwhile listening, 24 hours every day. Hear the Best your radio has to offer — am & pm, AM & FM — THE WNEW SOUND.

On your radio dial at 1130 & 102.7
Klavan & Finch
6-10 am Mon thru Sat
William B. WIlliams
Make Believe Ballroom
10 am & 6pm Mon thru Sat
Lonny Starr
Starr, Sinatra & Strings
11:35 am Mon thru Fri – 10am Sun
The Music Hall 2-4 pm daily
Bob Landers
12 – 2 pm daily
Dick Partridge
4 – 6pm daily
Jack Lazare
8 – 10PM nightly
Al “Jazzbo” Collins
10 – Midnight nightly
Dick Shepard
Milkman’s Matinee
12 Midnight – 6am nightly
Bob Howard
8am & 6pm Sun
(The photo and text above are reproduced from a 1958 newspaper ad. The ID overlays were added by this site’s editor.) Display Ad 60 — No Title New York Times (1857-Current file) Sept 3, 1958; ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times pg.68

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  1. This sounds like very good news – IF I can access it on Internet!
    Please let me know when Make Believe Ballroom with William B. Williams is available on my computer! I’m living, these days, up in the Boondox of Sullivan County – in a valley where there’s no radio reception to speak of. So my “radio” is only through the Internet. And Thank God I CAN get NYC stations that way. Would LOVE to hear William B. again through the Internet. What a thrill that will be! Hope you can do this! Please let me know when I can access it!
    Many thanks and good luck with this! Very pleased to hear about it!!!

  2. I have to agree with Jonella. Wouldn’t it be fun if someone could recreate just one day from old transcriptions so we could hear 1130 in New York again?

  3. If any fans are interested, I have a bunch of original WNEW posters from the 1980’s plus older posters from Jazz Beaux Collins In The Grotto, painted by Tony Bennett.

  4. I do a Big Band/Standards radio show here in Sarasota, FL. A listener sent me the tribute show to William B. Williams WNEW aired the day after he passed away in 1986. I posted it in 4 parts on my website http://blog.milestonebroadcasting.com. I grew up listening to WNEW on Long Island. Greatest station ever. Mike Eisgrau interview is also on the website.

  5. hi, i live in central fla now and have been listening to 720 am – plays sinatra and big band music. one day there was mention of the make believe ballroom radio show, which my dad listened to faithfully when i was a little girl. he told me he used to sing on that station when he was a young man, i’m guessing he it was around late 30’s, early 40’s. never thought much of it at my age, but now am wondering if there are any records of him singing on the station. he mentioned sinatra and the rustic cabin in nj also. he’s gone now and i regret not asking him more. any help would be appreciated. thanx – veronica

    1. Hi Veronica. I hope you get this message. My grandmother used to sing at the Rustic Cabin in the ’30s. Her stage name was Lucielle LaBarbara. She said she sang with Frank Sinatra when he was a waiter, before Harry James “discovered” him. The only other thing I remember is the troupe of singers she sang with was led by “Professor Stark.” I wish I knew more about this but my grandmother is long gone and all her pictures were destroyed in a flood in the 1950s, so I have nothing but her stories. I bet your dad and my grandmother knew each other. (Sounds crazy, but why not?) :o))

  6. I’d like to get in touch with someone who has original WNEW posters–especially those featuring William B. Williams.

  7. I remember Willy B, Saturday with Sinatra, Ted Brown and so much more. I was born in 63, but wherever we went, 1130 was on. I was born and raised in the Metro NY area, and now live in Central PA. I have a rich musical and cultural understanding thanks in large part to 1130. WNEW offered a great breadth of artists with DJs who really knew and understood the music and the artists. It was unique then and non-existent now.
    As my brothers and I would get ready for school Klavin was on. What a talent! No one actually does radio shows anymore. He had characters and conversation. Unfortunately, most of our music and entertainment is processed, computerized, monotonous, non – dynamic, and devoid of substance. Further, the intimacy of music and the communal aspect of its transmission is quickly withering away. On -air “personalities” are banal corporate drones enslaved to sponsors and out of touch with their communities and people. The internet has further destroyed and cheapened the quality and richness, not to mention the majesty and beauty of so much music and good entertainment.
    Longing for things past is fruitless, this I know. Honoring them and carrying them forward to present day yields great fruit and bounty if we would just take the time to cultivate.
    I have passed on almost all of what I learned growing up in and around wonderful music, smart and witty conversation, and appreciation for musical artistry and craftsmanship to my four kids. By the way, does anyone remember a singer named Peter “Snake Hips” Dean? Let me know.

  8. I am proud to say that my dad, Bill Hickok, hosted the Milkman’s Matinee at WNEW around 1973-74. I visited him in the station once when I was about 13 years old, and met William B. Williams and others. My father was a well-known DJ who started in the business just after WWII–and who continued in it for about 50 years! He is still living in Florida, and still has the great voice and delightful sense of humor. Interesting fact: to stay fit, sometime in the wee hours of the night, Dad would put on a longer-playing LP and jog laps around the hallway in the station. Served him well–he still looks darn good! Anyone remember old Wild Bill?

  9. When I was growing up as a teenager in Hartford, Conn. in 1954 I met a girl in New York. We dated all summer and listened to WNEW all the time and since I could listen in Hartford too it became “our station” . We broke up in the fall and three years later she married. I never did and ten years later we met again, fell in love again and spent 44 wonderful years together. All through those ten years I listened to “our station” for the memories. I still have the themesongs for the Milkmans Matinee, Music Until Midnight, Al Collins, By Dawn’s Early Light and a scratch copy of the Make Believe Ballroom. Not the Martin Block ballroom but the Jerry Marshall Make Believe Ballroom of 1954. I wonder if anyone has a good copy of that themesong. I still play those songs now and then as they bring back such memories. Our Station is gone now but I can still hear the singing weatherman and the station breaks as though it was yesterday. How about you?

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