One thought on “The Jazz Life of Dr. Billy Taylor”

  1. It’s funny How Life is.Is it not?You just never know.I was born in 63′ so I missed his Jazz show in the early 60s.Jazz is one of my great loves,so I can well imagine that his show was great,and at the peak of some great jazz then.This must be,and I’m sure it is,an interesting insight into the world of jazz.I know Dr.taylor is in his element up there somewhere hanging out and jammin’ with the best that jazz has given the heavens.There are so few,so few of these shows left now.Be it Big Bands,Jazz ,Showtunes”Broadway”or just American Popular standards,with hosts who actually lived the the life and knew the people who made the music.When I was young I fell in love with all these great shows and hosts.I search the AM dial all night for them.Shows like WNEW’s The Milkmans Matinee (You Know Down in The Grotto),WOR’s Joe Franklin.God!I miss Him,Danny Styles “On Your Radio Dials”William B.Williams even Sid Mark who I still listen to,but know one day he’ll be gone from the air.And countless others.One thing I loved about WNEW was when they would have broadway performers come in and perform a song or two from the current show they were in.”Such Great Times”.But I guess in short,Aytime you,me or anybody can bring attention to those men and women who paved the way and set the standard and left so many great memories during those glory days “When Radio Was”we should.Their Legacy like the performers themselves,is a great one.I for one will never,never forget those who entertained me for so many years when I was just a kid.I just wished I was born earlier,I missed so much,Like Dr.Taylor’s Early Jazz Show On WNEW during the early 60s.God Bless you Dr.Billy.I know your looking down on us.”As you listen To the Best Jazz in heaven or on Earth.

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