One thought on “The Big Dark”

  1. Hi Andy!

    As I wrote to you forty years ago, I write to you again tonight. What you did that night in 1977, along with Jonathan, Bob Jones and your dedicated engineers using their Yankee ingenuity (on the Mets’ station!) was a glowing example of what radio can provide at its finest: information, education, conversation, entertainment, comfort,- and a sense of community.
    In those days, when people still got their most immediate news by radio, and everyone had battery-powered transistor radios that were unaffected by the blackout, there’s no telling how many listeners’ lives you touched through that very dark and anxious night.
    WNEW was always the “shining light” that kept us company, but never more so than forty years ago tonight! I thanked you then, and I thank you again!

    Roland Chapdelaine

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