“Södertälje Calling”

After reading Wolfgang Hanson’s letter (below) Andy Fisher sent this e-mail comment.  “I believe one of the engineers once told me we got a DX card from Iran.  We were regularly received in Britain, and two BBC officials stopped by the station one night to say that they listened to WNEW’s 1AM newscast at Broadcast House in London every morning at 6.  Lots of people in Nova Scotia listened to us on a regular basis, and in distant parts of New England, we came in at night like a local station!”

Södertälje, Sweden is about 19 miles from Stocholm.  Bjorn Borg was born there. The Big “W” had a pen pal there. Thanks to Bill Diehl for this special delivery. Clicking on 14-year old Wolfgang Hanson’s  letter should enlarge the image.