Peggy’s Room

Mike Prelee

The New York City Hall news beat consisted of a close knit group of reporters.  Peggy Stockton of WNEW News was proud to be a member of the Room #9 crew.  For over 12 years Peggy covered four New York City mayors. She interviewed dozens of council members and a large list of political leaders. Election night was her specialty.  Mayor Edward Koch is one of many who never passed up her questions. (photo below) 

Peggy Stockton with Mayor Edward Kotch

Peggy was a member of the New York Press Club, and the Inner Circle.  She also was the recipient of many news awards for her on-the-scene coverage including the Associated Press Award for spot news reporting; The Press Club’s Byline Award; and the Olive Award for her program on “The Runaways of The City.”  Peggy lived in Greenwich Village, a stone’s throw from City Hall.

Peggy Stockton and I co-anchored WNEW’S coverage of the fireworks display from beneath the famous Brooklyn Bridge on its 100th Anniversary celebration.  We sat under the Bridge in the city she loved watching the historic event.  We were like two kids, totally awestruck as we described the sight.  Her first love, however, was the political and election coverage beat where she made a host of friends.  Millions of listeners recall her signature radio closing to a story…Simply: “This is Peggy Stockton, WNEW News… New York City Hall”  Peggy died of cancer September 12, 1988.   Mike Prelee

Mike Prelee served as WNEW’s news director from 1981 to 1992.