Rick Buckley

A note from Dick Carr
One of WNEW’s best friends was Rick Buckley, owner of WOR and Buckley Broadcasting.  Rick passed away last weekend. As a former WNEW employee and friend of Rick’s, I’m quite familiar with the soft spot he had for the old ‘NEW.  Rick’s Dad was the Buckley part of the Buckley-Jaeger duo who had a very impoortant hand in the programming of the WNEW of the mid to late 1950s.  Rick and I spoke of those days quite often.  And as a matter of fact, Rick himself worked in the record library of WNEW in his younger days.  So, speaking for  all of us who remember the “glory days” of Big W,  let’s give up a moment of silence and a prayer for Rick and his Dad, and take note that they were both WNEW alumni members in mind, body and spirit.  Condolences to Connie and Jennifer. Miss you already, Rick.
Dick Carr (former WNEW Program Director)


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