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  1. We knew him as Jack, in the years before Lee Hanna stole him away for CBS to become the best reporter to cover the war in Vietnam. Before “The World of Charlie Company,” the definitive documentary about the soldier’s experience. Jack had worked at WICC in Bridgeport, and he worked for us as a writer and reporter on the morning shift, writing Reid Collins’ 8AM newscast, among others. We just knew there was greatness in the wind. And there was that razor-sharp wit. Around Christmas time, in those innocent days, the wire services would use dots and dashes, X’s and O’s, to draw holiday pictures and send them across the quiet holiday wires to lighten the atmosphere in newsrooms. One morning, using one of those old Royal manual typewriters, Jack painstakingly created a very special Mosaic masterpiece. Using X’s and spaces, he carefully and artfully spelled out

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