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  1. Charlie King told me the greatest ghost story I ever heard, and the best part was that it wasn’t about his brother-in-law’s friend, or his cousin’s co-worker, it was about Charlie himself. Seems Charlie owned a vintage MG TD, a car with, among other things, a unique set of wheels. I believe they had wire spokes, like bicycles, and the tires they used fit them and no other cars. So it was most dismaying when Charlie, traveling at night on the Gowanus Expressway, drove over a piece of debris that flattened two of his tires. He struggled over to the side of the road, where there was just enough space to change the tires. Except that all he had was one, his spare, and two of the tires were flat? As he pondered his situation, a car pulled over in front of him and backed up. Charlie figured it was a mugger, but out stepped a well-dressed man who smilingly told him, “You’re in luck. I have two MG TD tires in my trunk, and you’re welcome to them!” Charlie could hardly believe his ears, but sure enough, there in the trunk were two perfectly good, perfectly appropriate tires. He rushed to put them on his car. He wouldn’t even have to detach the spare from the car’s running board! He turned to thank his benefactor….but the man who had so generously, and with perfect timing, offered the solution to his seemingly impossible problem….was nowhere to be found….

  2. Andy your story on Charles Scott King was wonderful. He was indeed a special guy. He came in my office one day for some chit chat and yes, I said tio him, “Charlie, that old sweater your wearing has got to to go. Man, it’s ragged, torn…faded.” He just looked at me and smiled. “I’ve had it for years and it’s my favorite!” We laughed. He just shrugged his shoulders.
    When Charlie later passed on after an extended illness…..I went to say goodbye..looked down to say a prayer at the wake. There was Charlie
    at rest. Yes…he was wearing it. His old favorite ragged sweater.

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