Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson
Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson has spent forty-eight years in the industry, including news, sports, business, commercial and promotional voice-over and industrial narration. Bob’s most recent work was as the back-up voice in New York for the CBS Television Network, a position he held for eleven years. He also hosted for nearly two years, the nationally syndicated old-time radio program, Radio Theater, and worked five years as a freelance anchor & writer at WOR Radio News. All of this followed nearly two decades at WCBS NewsRadio88.

 Among the major stories Gibson reported include the first two NBC Radio News bulletins that Richard Nixon would resign the presidency, twice-an-hour Persian Gulf War updates for the CBS Radio owned & operated stations, hourly ABC Radio News updates on the U-S hostage crisis in Iran, on-scene coverage of the Pirates’ 1971 world championship and the 1967 Silver Bridge disaster that sent 46 people to their deaths in the Ohio River.

 Before returning to WCBS in 1981, Gibson was a network hourlies news correspondent for ABC Radio and NBC Radio News in New York and for the Mutual Broadcasting System in Washington, during the Watergate era. He also worked as a freelance anchor/writer at WCBS and WNEW Radio. Prior to that, Bob was the morning anchor at KDKA, Pittsburgh and WGAR in Cleveland following a stint as an afternoon news broadcaster at WSLR in Akron.

 Gibson was also an on-camera sports broadcaster at KDKA-TV Pittsburgh and a news and commercial announcer at WBNS-TV in Columbus and WATR-TV in Waterbury, Connecticut. In more recent years, he’s done promotional voice-over work for CBS and NBC television, as well as WOR-TV and Sports Channel, and has been the voice on many of the sequences in the syndicated series Super Bowl Winning Momentsand Olympic Winning Moments.

A native New Yorker who now resides in Boynton Beach, Bob Gibson earned a Master of Arts degree from Ohio University after completing his undergraduate work at the New York Institute of Technology.

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  1. I hired Bob for his first radio job at WATR in
    Waterbury, CT. A nice man then and I would imagine still a gentleman. He went a hell of a lot
    farther than I ever did and he deserved it.

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