Glenn Crespo

Glenn Crespo — WNEW Desk Assistant, News Announcer 1977-1992

 I was there from January 1977 through September of 1991, starting as a desk assistant, hired by Jim Gordon.  From 1978 through 1980 I was a weekend anchor at WFAS in White Plains. I continued as a desk assistant at WNEW and then under Mike Prelee, began doing sports reports in 1986 and weekend anchor shifts in addition to anchoring news on the New York Giants football network. I free-lanced for AM and FM until AM went off the air in 1993. My time at WNEW was a great learning experience for me, working with Bob Hagen, Bruce Charles, Charles Scott King, Andy Fisher, Mike Eisgrau and Peggy Stockton. There were many major news stories covered during my time there; “Son of Sam”, The Northeast blackout, the helicopter crash on the Pan Am Building, hijackings, presidential elections, the First Gulf War, the Battle for the Falkland Islands, the blizzard of 1977, transit strikes, the murder of John Lennon, the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan and the Challenger disaster to name a few.

in newsroom

Glen Crespo with Bruce Charles and Desk Assistant Mary Ellen Kowalski. Fill-In reporter, Randy Place, is seen at left.

 After the news department was “downsized” in 1991 I worked two years for WXPS in Hawthorne New York as the morning anchor, co- host and News Director. I also free-lanced during this time for WHUD, WFAS, WBLS, and WFAN. Moving on to WJUX in Dumont, New Jersey in 1993, I worked as the afternoon anchor . With WVNJ in Teaneck I was the News Director and anchor in 1995.  In 1997 I joined Shadow Traffic and remained there for 10-years doing traffic on WINS and news on WQCD.

 In 1997, I began freelancing for the Wall Street Journal Radio Network and continued to do so off and on there until I was hired full-time in 2012 doing overnight reports for Dow Jones Radio on the Wall Street Journal Network, WCBS and WNEW (in Washington D.C.).

 The WNEW News Department in New York was a very interesting, volatile,  action-packed place to work in.  A lot of different personalities thrown together, but at the end of the day, getting the news on the air was what mattered and getting it right was what mattered.  The business has changed so much since then with sensationalism, character assassinations and speculations now being the norm.

I will always treasure my years working in the News Department.                  G.C.


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