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  1. Dear Jeffrey.
    I first listened to your Father’s program when I was 12 years old. It was the dawn of Rock and Roll and he was playing what is today referred to as The American song book. I believe that the program began at 10PM and went on till One-ish. So every morning when I got up for school I was bleary eyed kid But well worth it.
    I still can hear him say that the theme song was, “You Are The One” by Andre Renee on the RCA label. I am now 71 and I will always be grateful to him.He gave me my music and it has made my life so richer for it.

    Sincerly Yours
    Marty Friedman

  2. Ditto. Willie B made an awesome impression on me and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting him, on air, in the studio. Wow. He never went with the trend. He was a good music man and that is why I followed him. To this day he is missed.

  3. it’s true!
    willie b was great!!!…i could go on and on about the warmth i feel when i think of him and the show!
    i’m just 58 now…so yeah, on the younger side of his audience!
    i’ll tell ya how much he meant to me….when i was away going to school in california, on one of my visits back home (n.j.)…i recorded the show and brought it back with me!!! i worked in the audio/video department in the library at foothill college in los altos hills around 1973! …there i was able to listen all the time while i worked!!!
    i was lucky enough to record on a day when tony randell was a quest!
    it was “friday july 20th ninteen hundred and seventy three” as the wonderful william b williams stated it!!!
    just loved the man and the show!!!…i was sick when i heard of his early death…driving west on rt 80 on my way to the poconos!!!

  4. Who could ever forget Willie B??? I was among the throngs of
    people outside the Frank Campbell funeral home that summer day in NY
    and can still recall the roar of the applause as his casket was carried
    out!! I remember reading this was the first time such a thing happened!
    He was so beloved by so many…..”Hello World” – a silver tongue
    which captivated all of us as did his selection of music….especially
    Glenn Miller, Harry James, Benny Goodman…..So long ago and I miss
    him still…..Cried when he died….

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