Jim Lowe

Jim Lowe

Jim Lowe, born in Springfield, Missouri, worked his way to Chicago as a  disc jockey and singer/songwriter. He was signed in 1954 by Mercury Records where his recording of one of his own songs, “Gambler’s Guitar.” climbed in the charts, only to be overcome by Rusty Draper’s cover of it, also for Mercury. Within a year, Lowe had switched cities and labels, moving in 1955 to Dot Records in New York City. He quickly scored with the novelty songs, “Close the Door (They’re Coming in the Windows),” and “Green Door,” which became a #1 hit. Other singles including, “Maybelline,” and “Four Walls,” and two albums followed for Dot, as Lowe continued a transition from recording to radio.

NBC’s radio’s “Monitor” was the next stop in 1962. Lowe had a Saturday evening slot. The next year he switched stations and shifts, moving into the overnight “Milkman’s Matinee,” on WNEW. He also hosted “Jim Lowe’s New York,” noted for his command of Broadway and showbiz lore and trivia. There was another stint at “Monitor” from 1969 to 1973 and then a return to WNEW where Lowe remained until his retirement from broadcasting in1992. That’s when WNEW was sold and 1130 became Bloomberg News Radio.


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  1. I’m a journalist and author of some music books. I’m hoping that you are able to gert me in contact with Jim Lowe, for an interview for a book on Hitmakers.

    Wayne Jancik

  2. Please thank Jim Lowe for his great afternoon show. It made the rush ‘hour’ (almost) enjoyable!

  3. I grew up in NY during the years of 1130 am. please thank him for his of service. I hope he is well. Now that I have been in tulsa ok for a while I wonder how he’s doing and what he has been up to ? How can I find out? Adele Emirgil

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