Dee Finch: Funny Straight Man

A recording of the Klavan and Finch promo “Have a good, good, good, good morning” has been removed from this page because it contains part of a WNEW jingle, over which Metropolitan Boradcasters claims exclusive rights.

Dee Finch, who for 16 years was the straight-man partner of Gene Klavan on WNEW Radio’s ”Klavan and Finch” early morning show, died of a heart attack Tuesday in Binghamton, N.Y., after attending his mother’s funeral. Mr. Finch, who was 65 years old, was apparently stricken while driving to the airport to return to his home in Lake Success, L.I. He was found in his car by the police and was pronounced dead at Ideal Hospital in Endicott, N.Y. Mr. Finch, who retired in 1968 because of heart trouble, joined WNEW in 1942


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Rayburn & Finch (late 1940's)


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