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  1. I’ve been asked to track down William B. Williams’ theme song, which is remembered as “You Are the One”. Can anyone help with artist/composer info?

  2. My Uncle, Eddie Wells, sang and recorded a song called “EVERY WHERE YOU GO” with the house band, ROY ROSS . . . around 1940’s on WNEW 1130 . . . it was recorded on CORAL (DECA) records . . . . we think the other side might have the Paulette Sisters . . anyone out there have a copy???

  3. I grew up with WNEW while living in Hartford, CT. My girlfriend (later my wife of 44 years) and I listened to the Make Belive Ballroom with Jerry Marshall. I have an old scratchy copy of his themesong taken off the air. Does anyone have a good copy of Jerry Marshall’s themesong?

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