Jerry Marshall_WNEW copy

Jerry Marshall, host of WNEW’s “Make Believe Ballroom” between 1954 and 1957, signed this photo; Lorraine, All best wishes to you. Jerry Marshall. Lorraine later became author Lorraine Diehl,and wife of ABC Entertainment reporter and WNEW alum, Bill Diehl. Lorry’s note that accompanied the photo, read: “I was a teenager, part of a small group of girls who got the WNEW tour. I remember being shown the Crystal Chandelier. I also remember Jerry Marshall explaining Frank Sinatra’s extraordinary talent to us, and how his phrasing was like no other singer’s. It was something that made me pay closer attention to Sinatra’s songs and forever appreciate them more. “Lorry Diehl’s books about New York include: “The Late, Great Penn Station,” and “The Automat.” Her new book, due out next year, is titled, “Over Here! New York City during WWII.” Marshall left WNEW for WMGM in January, 1957.