WNEW 565 5th Ave. Studios

See several photos below of the original WNEW studios at 565 Fith Avenue, at 46th St.,  Manhattan. The plant was designed by Fellheimer-Wagner, Architects.  Photos from the Gottscno-Schleisner Collection,  Library of Congress.

“During my stint as a producer, the large music studio was used by organist Kay Reed, by Allyn Edwards’ 9:30 a.m. weekday show and primarily by Bill Harrington who sang with the Roy Ross orchestra weekdays at noon.  Another show I produced in this studio was ‘Piano Tops,’ featuring Erroll Garner.”  Rudy Ruderman

The photo below, taken in 1978, shows the same studio after it became the WNEW newsroom in the 1950’s.  A wall was added at right to create the news director’s office and (not shown) the newswire room.  Pictured are Peggy Stockton, Bob Hagen and News Director, Jim Gordon.

 Another view (below) of the large music studio before it was transformed into the newsroom.

Large  studio control room as it looked in 1946.  After conversion for use by  the news department, the control room was used primarily for recording and editing.

 The photo above shows the 46th St. entrance to the WNEW studios, which opened into the main reception area and stairway (photos below) leading to second floor offices and broadcast facilities. 


Second floor reception area is shown above.  The photo below is listed as  the Station Manager’s office.

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  1. My dad was Dick Reiss, an engineer at WNEW-AM/FM. He worked from the late 60’s til the early 70’s with Jonathan Schwartz, William B Williams, Scott Muni and many other great names of radio. He spoke with fondness and a few laughs about his time there. He died in 2003 and on the wall of his home was a WNEW poster featuring Louis Armstrong. I have great memories of going to work with him and seeing what went on live.

    1. Hello, Harris Reiss — Thanks for your note. We’re pleased that we can take note of your Dad’s time with WNEW.

  2. My great-aunt Dorothy Armel Alicea received a letter from someone named Raphael back in the early 50s. I saw that she was invited to read her poetry on air at the time. Is it possible to find the recordings. Dorothy A. Alicea passed away in 1970 and I have a book that features many poets and three of her poems. She raised me in South Ozone Park Queens. Thanks to the Internet I’m sure there will be something online.

    Thank you for your time.

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