“Here Comes The Bride . . . but first this message”

Nat Hiken, Phil SilversNat Hiken,  creator of the  hit TV shows,  The Phil Silvers Show and Car 54, Where Are You?,  died in 1968 at age 54.  His widow, Amber, passed more recently.  Their daughter, Dana, going through some family memorabilia, came up with a published notice of her parents wedding in 1941, adding a small but telling fragment to the newlywed’s history and the WNEW story, even though the notice got Nat’s first name wrong and miss-spelled his last name.

PM announcement (2)


How did it come to pass that we should have received the above wedding notice from Bill Diehl?  Bill got it from  Nat Hiken’s daughter, Dana, whose married name is Buscaglia and whose husband, Frank, is the brother of Bill’s wife, author, Lorry Diehl.  That’s how.  Frank was in broadcast engineering at both WNEW and ABC.

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