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  1. I found your site through Marc Myers’ Jazz Wax. My wife, Nell Bassett, was one of the original ‘Where The Girls Are’ on WNEW-FM. Do you know of any sites like this for WNEW-FM?

  2. Thanks for the info on WNEW-AM. It was my favorate station in the late 50’s and thru the 60’s and 70’s. I still remember the theme song for the Milkman’s Matinee. “When the world should all be sleeping…” And I should have been. It was a great station and great music.

  3. Are there any recorded tracks of either Klaven & Finch or William B. Williams that are available on the internet? I’d love to be able to liste to true radio class at least one more time before I’m gone.

  4. Is there anyone out there who can track WNEW’s possible involvement in recording Stan Kenton’s orchestra in 1962 at Freedomland Park’s Moon Bowl in the Bronx?
    There is an outfit in the UK called “Songs of Yesteryear” which is cataloging a CD item (DSOY803) called “Stan Kenton Nineteen Sixty Two” with a reference to “Live from Freedomland”.
    Could Art Ford have been involved with this?
    I am a Kenton fan and was there at Freedomland for his concert.
    Ed Frank

  5. Wow… I was happy to stumble upon the WNEW 1130 website! When I was a senior in high school up in Leominster Massachusetts, I would tune in WNEW whenever I could get a clear signal. I had been accepted to NYU and was on my way as a film and broadcast student. WNEW was a classy sound for a kid on his way to the big apple. Loved it. I never forgot the “Springtime” jingle, a great memory! Thanks!

  6. I had the privilege of working as a desk assistant in the WNEW newsroom from ’81-’85 while studying broadcast journalism in college. I was hired by Sam Hall, trained by Glenn Crespo, and had the chance to work with the industry’s best news team and amazing on-air personalities. Imagine being a college kid reading your broadcast journalism textbook and seeing the names of all the people you worked with including Mike Eisgrau and Peggy Stockton. What a great training ground. Most of my work was on the weekends with Jonathan Schwartz, who never missed a chance to steal a bit of my sandwich. Henry Marcotte and Dave Sliger were in the newsroom. Many funny stories, many of which should probably not be repeated. Great memories.

  7. Bob was a band boy at 16 with the Les and Larry elgart orchestra. He borrowed my car one night. We have been friends for all these years He was a great disc jockey and knew the entire catalogue of pop music. We will miss you lynn and larry elgart

  8. I came across the WNEW web page by accident
    I was a sales person from 1965-1970 and them transferred to KMET in Los Angeles as GSM working for Nat Asch
    I have been trying to find Nat’s phone number for years with no success.
    If someone has iy I would truly appreciate your sending it to me.
    My memories of that period are the best of my life

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