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Cow Palace Flashback

Marlene copy for web

Somewhere inside San Francisco’s Cow Palace, between July 13 and July 16, 1964, during the Republican National Convention, WNEW’s Marlene Sander’s busy editing a reel of tape. The photo came via Bill Diehl from the files of Jerry Graham, WNEW News Director at the time, who died in April of this year.

Most memorable words spoken at that convention:

Barry Goldwater, as he was cheered.
“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice — and let me remind you also, moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Nelson Rockefeller, as he was booed.
“This is still a free country, ladies and gentlemen.”

What’s NEW #5

WNEW’s 30th anniversary promotions in 1963, included a series of column-like newspapers ads placed in New York’s major dailies. The item below, which appeared in the Times, Journal, Tribune and News is the 5th “What’s NEW?” edition we’ve reconstructed from original clips collected by Bill Diehl.
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WN#5 Lady Bird

No Jingle-Jangle Here

WNEW Jingles cannot now he heard on this site.

Metropolitan Broadcasters LLC. has claimed exclusive rights for use of WNEW jingles. As explained in a letter to us from an attorney representing the company, Metropolitan provides Internet broadcasting services from its website and uses a particular jingle as its trademark theme song. Also pending, we were told, is a federal trademark for use of the Jingle with those services.

Under warning of possible litigation, we conceded to the demand to remove all jingles from this site within ten days, by September 29, without prejudice to rights we may have now or in the future to contest Metropolitan’s claim.