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A Boris P.S.



Boris Karlof is seen here behind a WNEW microphone in 1950.  It’s a photo we had not seen when a story about Karlof’s series of children’s programs on WNEW was posted on this site.  (See below)  The photo source is a Wikipedia history about WBBR, the financial news broadcaster, owned and operated by Bloomberg L.P., the company that bought out WNEW in 1993.

karloff broadcasts 4


when the networks trembled 11-17-14

Tune in:  Click on the link below to hear a Metromedia Radio News promo produced in early 1969.  The MM correspondents, listed alphabetically, are: Dan Blackburn, Edward Brown, Pye Chamberlain, Mike Eisgrau, George Engle, Alan Walden (Narrator),  Al Wasser.

when the networks trembled 11-17-14 pt 2