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“Södertälje Calling”

After reading Wolfgang Hanson’s letter (below) Andy Fisher sent this e-mail comment.  “I believe one of the engineers once told me we got a DX card from Iran.  We were regularly received in Britain, and two BBC officials stopped by the station one night to say that they listened to WNEW’s 1AM newscast at Broadcast House in London every morning at 6.  Lots of people in Nova Scotia listened to us on a regular basis, and in distant parts of New England, we came in at night like a local station!”

Södertälje, Sweden is about 19 miles from Stocholm.  Bjorn Borg was born there. The Big “W” had a pen pal there. Thanks to Bill Diehl for this special delivery. Clicking on 14-year old Wolfgang Hanson’s  letter should enlarge the image.

WIP, at 90, Lives On

WIP Philadelphia has a celebrated history of its own, but to many former WNEW staffers, WIP, during years it was owned by Metromedia, was  the other side of a revolving door, through which people came and went to promotions or exile.  Two of the many people who worked both sides of that door, Andy Fisher and Dick Carr, attended  WIP’s 90th birthday party yesterday (March 21) and took notes.  Andy’s note, posted on the  NY Radio Message Board, is also reproduced below

Andy Fisher — A radio station that has at times served as a farm team for New York talent celebrated its 90th birthday today, at a luncheon sponsored by the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia at the Bala Country Club in Philly.  Speakers at the WIP anniversary event included programmers Dick Carr and Dean Tyler and air personality Bill St. James.  Jerry Del Colliano, founder and former publisher of the industry newsletter Inside Radio, and a former news anchor and programmer at Philadelphia stations, was master of ceremonies.
         Speakers recalled WIP’s founding by — and at — the Gimbel department store in center city Philadelphia,  the purchase of the station by Metromedia in the late 1950s and its heyday as a standards station, its acquisition of the rights to Eagles football play-by-play, and its current success in sports talk radio.
After a lifetime at 610 on the AM dial, WIP recently began duplicating its broadcasts on FM and billing  itself as 94 WIP.

Dick CarrDick Carr posted his WIP notes on his Big Bands, Ballads and Blues blog:  


Definately Not An Undercover Assignment

In What’sNEW#1, posted February 2nd, mention was made of one of WNEW’s red mobile units, taking News Director Lee Hanna, Tech. Supervisor Shel Hoffman and engineer Howie Epstein to Washington D.C., Aug. 26, 1963 to cover  the March On Washington. A photo of one of those Chrysler red hots, was discovered just a few days ago by chance on  the internet.  The photo, taken by Bill Cotter in April, 1965, shows the wagon in front of the Irish Pavillion, during the 1964/65 New York World’s Fair. Cotter posted the photo, and others, in 2010 on “World’s Fair

wnew-wagon worlds fair

When trade-in time came, WNEW stayed with the Chrysler New Yorker, but in quieter white.     



Another geyser from Bill Diehl’s deep memoribilia wells.  Bill has come up with  scores of 1960’s paid pieces WNEW placed  in New York newspapers. Background on  how the PR pieces were created, later on.  Right now, here’s What’sNEW#1 on Martin Luther King Jr.’s March On Washington, Aug. 28, 1963, published  a few days later.
 Reid Collins sept 63


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12 Midnight – 6am nightly
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8am & 6pm Sun
(The photo and text above are reproduced from a 1958 newspaper ad. The ID overlays were added by this site’s editor.) Display Ad 60 — No Title New York Times (1857-Current file) Sept 3, 1958; ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times pg.68

There’s Only One . . . WNEW

There was a time when most radio stations, no matter how big, were local and part of neighborhood life.  WNEW-AM, where the forms of modern radio were invented and made personal, existed within a community of broadcasters and listeners who shared in life’s events and now, share memories. This blog,  exists to collect as many as possible of the bits and pieces of that history. What do you remember? What part of the story can you tell?