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There’s Only One – Nat Cole

AM and FM,  WNEW, New York

Nice Things Happen

Thank You, Thank You

Enjoy Each and Every Weekend

Nat ‘King’ Cole – Calypso

Anytime, Anywhere

It’s Springtime in New York

You’ll Never Have The Blues

You’ll Never Have The Blues (longer version)

Song Of India

The Great Northeast


In the style of Count Basie


In the style of Henry Mancini


In the style of Benny Goodman


Instrumental-in the style of Nelson Riddle


more to come

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8 thoughts on “Jingles”

  1. re: Ted Brown & Ted Baxter (Late 1970′s): this sounds more like Mark Simone with Ted Knight, not Ted Brown.

  2. Hi
    I am looking for a few short airchecks. I am putting together a CD of “american standards’ for my dad on mp3 (as calls now can play them turning the car into a juke box. and have already used a couple on wnew jingles as bumpers. I am looking for william b. williams saying “good morning world” (I want that clip to be the 1st track). Would also love an air check of Ted Brown talking about “the rehead” (I’ll play “the stripper” after that) I am 54 years old , and it seemed to be the soundtrack to my childhood with my parents.

    On a side note, does anyone else remember Ted Brown getting drunk on the air with a NY State Trooper there to do sobriety tests … Long before it was in fashion not to drink and drive?

    1. Yes, Ted Brown would take a “fifth on the Fourth,” as he would say, to make people aware of drinking on holidays! Needless to say, by the time his shift was done, so was he! But the point got across!

    2. Yes I do….. He did “Drink a Fifth on the Fourth” as a July 4th promo. WoW, couldn’t do that today. LOL

  3. Good luck, I would give anything to have anything near an air check of WBW. Seems even ReelRadio, and other radio slots I support do not have anything of WBW, and the one Ted Brown air check that was out there is now gone. I actually use a more antiquated cassette and mixer, play my cd’s and use the jingles in-between like it sounded in 1964-1969 before I went to Viet Nam.

  4. As a fresh immigrant in 1960 , I learned a lot of the english language
    listening to Klavan and Finch in the morning , driving to work . After a while . I started to understand their jokes , to the point , where I had to drive to the side of the road , because the laughter prevented me to
    safely keep on driving !
    With a hearty WNEW , 1130 0n Your Dial !
    Juergen Rasch .

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